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The Stop Real ID Coalition leads an initiative to end the most insecure and freedom destroying legislation which by its deceitful nature thrives off of identification by biometric evaluation. Brought to us as a security solution, it actually yields a dangerous mechanism for unlimited control over society. The Real ID Act of 2005 has yet to be fully implemented in part due to our work. In fact, the ACLU, ACLJ, and many States agree with us and work with us on this agenda.

The Stop Real ID Coalition has allowed the Constitutional Alliance to mirror our content since their inception. The Constitutional Alliance is an educational organization and provides our information for educational purposes. This duplication causes several issues. For instance: search engines may actually rank our material lower because they are trying to determine who the legitimate author is by using automated means. The reality of maintaining this on separate websites means duplicate effort(s), costs, and administration.

You can read and download our past content from the Constitutional Alliance. If your website has directly linked to our content, one can follow the preceding link to the Constitutional Alliance to modify your link accordingly.

The mission of the Stop Real ID Coalition has not changed.

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